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Alumax Bath Enclosures - Sliders


640 / 650 Framed Sliders

The 640/650 Series has long been the most popular bath enclosure in the Alumax line. It provides off-the-shelf availability for virtually any fiberglass, acrylic or cast iron tub.


Features include reverse proof doors for maximum waterproofing, easy-clean track and decorative towel bars. Glass options range from Clear to Obscure. For still more versatility the 640/650 is available in Silver or Gold Brite-Anodized finishes, Andodized Satin, Brushed Nickel, and White Powder Coat.  Custom Paint is also available.

340 / 350 Frameless Sliders

Sometimes referred to as the "illusion" bath, the 340/350 Series Frameless Bath Enclosure hangs tough without the need of a frame The result is a dramatic sweep of glass ideally suited for the modern bath decor.

The 340/350 has a new soft-edged door stop that not only protects the glass door but helps to keep it closed. Other features include nylon rollers, Safety Tee-Locks, and Alumax's famous Open-Track threshold.

340D / 350D Frameless Deluxe Sliders

Designers will recognize the European styling which has been incorporated in this upscale version of Alumax's frameless 340/350 enclosure.


It is evident in the rounded header and such appointments as 1/4" glass and thru the glass metal tubular towel bars.

The frameless panels glide easily on adjustable rollers above the easy-clean Open-Track. When closed, Alumax's exclusive Stop-and-Hold bumpers gently hold the frameless glass panels in a closed position.

1040 / 1050 Frameless 3/8" Sliders

With the Alumax 1040 Bath Enclosure, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for practicality.

By combining 3/8" heavy glass with thru the glass metal tubular towel bars, form and function come together in one unit. The heavy glass adds rigidity and weight to the enclosure while the towel bars add a sleek, graceful appearance.


These combined with sealed ball-bearing rollers operating in a gracefully rounded header, pocketed wall jambs and a convenient Open Track design, make the 1040 an asset to any bath.