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Alumax Bath Enclosures - Pivot & Continuous Hinge Doors


700 Framed Continuous Hinge Door

Elegance. Durability. Superlatives to describe the Alumax 700 Continuous Hinge Shower Door.

The 700c is designed around the innovative Alumax Continuous Hinge System. The Continuous Hinge is extruded and machined as an integral part of the door to make the 700c uncommonly strong. It features a full length magnetic closure, vinyl seals, bottom squeegee and splash guard.

Door jambs adjust up to 1/2" on each side to ensure a perfect fit and create a balanced sight line.

738 Framed Pivot Door

Not only is the 738 attractive, it's functional. Strong, smooth-working pivots are adjustable a full inch in either direction to create that custom-made look in virtually any opening from 23" to 37".

The 738 ensures water-tight performance with a vertical vinyl seal, a full length magnetic latch and a horizontal drip trough that collects and drains remaining water back into the shower when the door is opened.

300C - Frameless Continuous Hinge Door with 3/16" Glass

Offering an economical solution to the builder or homeowner's requirements for the style, function and durability of a hinged shower door, the 300C can be incorporated into custom designed bath enclosure configurations.

300CV - Frameless Continuous Hinge Door with 1/4"* & C Pull Handle

The Alumax 300CV Semi-Frameless Continuous Hinge Doors with 1/4" glass* offers the builder or homeowner a clean look for a fraction of the cost of a 3/8" heavy-glass door. Features include 1/4" Glass*, C-Pull thru the glass handle and a vinyl bottom sweep.


(* Some glass styles are not available in 1/4", and utilize 3/16" Glass in lieu of 1/4".  Doors with 3/16" Glass have a metal bottom rail instead of a vinyl sweep)