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7 Reasons to choose Stanlock Glazing Gaskets

1) Low Cost

StanLock's lockstrip gasket systems are competitive with the lowest cost metal/glass systems on the market. But when the no cost benefits that follow are considered, StanLock is the easy winner!

2) Condensation Control and High Energy Efficiency

StanLock lockstrip gaskets eliminate metal exposed to the weather and provide curtain walls with a true Thermal Break. Conventional systems require costly "pour and debridge" techniques to control internal condensation and heat transmission.

3) Guaranteed Weathertight
StanLock's lockstrip gaskets eliminate the need for wet sealants at the jobsite. Dry gaskets are precisely extruded to assure a continuous, permanent weatherseal without the leaks that may be possible with wet seals or at buff joints of roll-ins.

4) Zero Maintenance
StanLock lockstrip gaskets installed over a quarter of a century ago continue to look and perform like new. No painting, caulking or refinishing is ever needed.

5) Outstanding Noise and Vibration Control
StanLock's lockstrip rubber gaskets dampen noise and vibration better than other glazing systems that have exposed metal. They have been used worldwide in airport construction where noise and vibration control is critical.

6) Superior Deflection Performance
StanLock lockstrip gaskets are the perfect environment for glass because they eliminate glass to metal contact during racking or movement. The gasket sealing lip stays in contact with the glass to assure continuous sealing before, during and after movement.

7) Exceptional, Enduring Appearance
StanLock lockstrip gaskets provide a crisp, black reveal for the life of the building. Made from neoprene, they are unaffected by ultraviolet light exposed metal systems, they require no painting, cleaning, or maintenance.